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Consensus over the Existence of Greys at Dulce?

Article Written by Anthony F. Sanchez
Monday, September 27, 2010

Dulce, NM - The consensus on whether Greys at Dulce exist, is heavily varied and still debated. Just take a look at a recent response from one of the most preeminent experts on Deep Underground Military Bases, Dr. Richard Sauder:

"Dulce is quite likely a disinformation smoke screen to deflect researchers' attention from other places, including in New Mexico, where there are REAL underground bases -- like Sandia National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, White Sands Missile Range, Kirtland AFB, and the very real Manzano underground base, which I conclusively document in my third book, and which my background sources tell me is VAST, not big, not large, neither very large nor very big, but … VAST."

So it's safe to assume that Dr. Sauder is a believer in underground bases; however, not so much towards the existence of Greys (with respect to Dulce). In fact, he goes so far as to refute the existence of a Deep Underground Complex at Dulce itself. But where does this leave Ufology and those who research Dulce? This past year in January I was put in contact with a retired USAF Colonel who has since come forth as a whistle-blower on Dulce, based on his service at Dulce during 1979 to 1983.

After our meeting I searched and performed exhaustive researches on Dulce and what the larger UFO community believes may be going on there; and not just underground, but with respect to the surface level activities too. Abductions, Mutilations, UFO sightings, Contact with Greys, etc. Upon looking into Dulce what I found is that much of the data (which has trickled in from the ranks of Ufology) is that the majority of researchers do believe that there is indeed an "Alien Controlled Segment" operating at Dulce, and that they are in fact operating within the ranks of our own Government.

There is a serious nature over this concept and it is driven by this enigmatic nature of many reported abductions (Travis Walton, Mryna Hansen, Christa Tilton) and a desire by someone or some group to devastate cattle populations in and around the Southwestern Four Corners region, extending all the way out to the Southern Colorado’s, San Luis Valley. Ranching families are left clueless and in some cases financially devastated.

The whistle-blower, a retired USAF Colonel, claims it is the military that has been propagating the use of living organisms such as anthrax, and non-living organisms such as ricin, saxitoxin and botulinum toxin on area cattle to monitor the affects of these agents; for future potential use on human combatants. And sometimes, he says, these exercises are facilitated using Grey technology.

In an interesting connection made some 19 years ago, I discovered a comment made during 1991 by noted Ufologist Michael Lindemann from his lecture titled, “Dissention amid Control over Underground Complexes”:

“There is a growing division taking place between the Constitutionalists of America and the Alien controlled segments within the underground bases. This would also include their human pawns who will apparently do anything, even murder their fellow man, in order to continue receiving the technological benefits from their alien masters, to whom they have sold themselves and whose agenda of control and subversion they are serving, whether knowing or unknowingly.” 

When I read this, it sounded eerily familiar to me. In fact, it resonated exactly with the recent testimony provided by the retired USAF Colonel. So I dug deeper, and began to ask questions from those surrounding the lecture circuit on Deep Underground Bases, Greys, UFOs and Cattle Mutilations. And what I found was a conundrum of mixed data (disparate data) that needed to be consolidated, catalogued, and expertly disseminated as articulate as possible into a deliverable … so that the masses of those interested could then review and decide for themselves.

One interesting development that surprised me the most (during this research) was that I began to discover that there is a strong ‘Outside Interest’ that would stand to lose much with the release of this new research on Dulce, and only now do I understand why. Within the retired USAF Colonel’s testimony (on Dulce) there are no abductions, mutilations or engagements of any kind pertaining to 'Reptilians'; just Greys. And that is a message which reverberates (even now) throughout the UFO community; because this is what most people have been exposed to since the dissemination of the Dulce stories began in the mid 1990s. Also, what attracts even more heated attention is that there is no Thomas E. Castello or mention of that particular story within the confines of the new whistle-blower testimony.

The Greys, their history, the Deep Underground Complex and how it all originated comes into light under the interview conducted on January 6th, 2010 with the retired USAF Colonel. And as a seasoned UFO researcher this interview still shocked me to my core; mostly because I never believed in the Dulce story. I never accepted that a joint Alien/U.S. Government base could possibly exist (there). I had always believed since 1989 (like many other UFO researchers) that the S-4 facility within Area 51 was the de facto location for such activities.


Unusual Activity on return from Angel Fire NM (09/14/2010)
Article Written by Anthony F. Sanchez
Friday, September 03, 2010

Northern New Mexico; Upon my trip from Angel Fire New Mexico where I attended Janet Sailor's 2010 Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival to appear on the Jerry Pippin Show with panelists Dennis Balthaser and Norio Hayakawa, I noticed something strange occurring in the sky as I drove towards the Petrified Natural Forrest.

A line-shaped cloud was forming out of nothing, and strangely casting a slicing effect, not a shadow on one adjoining cloud ... then it began to cast a shadow on another. I have never seen anything of the sort in my entire career scanning the skies as a UFO researcher. Thankfully I have learned over the years to scan the skies not only during the night but in the day as well.

This strange line-cloud creating itself out of nothing was something that I was not familiar with, but I had my camera with me. I noticed that the road began to curve towards the right and that I might lose the event from camera view. Just as I began to slow my car down to capture the image, boom! A loud crack in the sky triggered a flash just where the line-cloud was headed, and a bright (very bright) lighted portion of the sky emerged. I wanted to stop my car but the traffic was at 75 mph and I just had to take pictures while remaining on the road.

As slowed down, trying not to kill myself, I began to snap away. The brightness subsided but not before displaying a strange Rainbow (Aurora) like cloud, the same as the many seen before seismic events around the globe; sometimes attributed to HAARP. I continued to take pictures, one from a distance, then again close up. What got me was that the surrounding clouds did not blow away from the flash. And as I drove towards it, the clouds in the background began to close in to the area of the sky where the flash had occurred. Then, before I knew it, the spectacle was gone. The line cloud began to fully dissipate and the colorful Aurora-like pattern also begun to dissapear.

I still do not know what I saw, but the event was amazing. Could this have been a military exercise, or just a natural event? I just do not know. The loud crack sounded like a man made explosion, but the ensuing celestial events were almost as if created by God himself. In closing, I would like to say that I am planning on conducting an investigative look into this phenomena.

FOR FULL REPORT WITH PHOTOS SEE HERE: http://www.ufohighway.com/strange_skies.html

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Clovis UFO: Finally Getting Some Answers.

Article Written by Anthony F. Sanchez
11:26 AM 9/1/2010

Q: What do “Naval Air Station Lemoore CA”, the C-17 Globemaster III, and MUFON have in common?

A: Triangles.

FRESNO CA - On the evening of July 2nd 2010 a family reported an incident of a Triangle Craft hovering over their home in the small suburban community of Clovis CA which hugs a very rural area of low lying rugged and scattered rocky terrain in California’s Central Valley. (MUFON case # 24103)

One month earlier in June, military jets purportedly depositing Chem Trails were recorded by Sanger Paranormal Society upon receiving word from worried citizens. One month later the July incident occurred at the Family’s home. Then on August 21st, a complete set of new witnesses called MUFON State Section Director Jeffrey Gonzalez to report a live incident of a purported UFO crash in the hills North Fresno, CA.

I began working closely with Jeff Gonzalez to begin meta-analysis of similar sightings combing MUFON reports from the East Coast back towards California. Through investigating we found a similar type event recorded by Alison Kruse in Murrysville PA, exactly one year earlier. At first my reaction was, wow, these craft appear to be identical; especially when we performed the digital enhancement of the Clovis UFO video. But my gut kept telling me that this possibly could be a C-17 Globemaster III in high altitude; hence the little to no sound heard in the video. My reasoning is that the light pattern with the large red centered light does resemble that of the C-17.

As a responsible UFO investigator, I worked with Jeff Gonzalez to put this to the test and to try and best determine what it is exactly people are seeing. I pulled in one of Ufology’s most respected researchers, Frank Warren of California, to give his own analysis. Upon reviewing the data, Frank firmly believes that this is indeed a conventional aircraft. Jeffrey Gonzalez to his credit, also called Ruben Uriarte of MUFON who will be introducing his own Avionics Expert to help review the data and determine exactly what people are seeing there in the Central Valley.

In my discussion with UFO spotter Alison Kruse, she feels confident that the analysis performed by Benjamin Dupuis, European UFO Researcher and expert on the Belgium Triangle, on determining that her own videotaped craft is indeed a genuine UFO, will help to assert that the Clovis UFO is also a genuine UFO possibly the TR-3B (Astra).

To Alison’s credit, she has taken lots of heat from skeptics over her video work and knows that the families in Clovis and North Fresno will also be hit hard by those who would prefer to ridicule that simply have a differing opinion. Let’s hope this does not happen. If we gang up on people who report UFO sightings and ridicule them to the point where they are harassed to a complete level of silence, then this leaves the serious UFO community without a sky watcher base who is instrumental in assisting our work. Remember that at night many things which are innocuous by nature can be deceivingly enigmatic. But that does not mean people are attempting to fabricate; rather, they are reporting what is simply not recognized. Okay, now I’ll come down off my soapbox…

In the meantime, the YouTube video posting of the Clovis UFO reached 16,000 hits in just (two) days since being originally posted by the Sanger Paranormal Society. And other people making copies of the videos and posting in their own channels have augmented this number by thousands as well.

I would like to state that both Jeff Gonzalez and I are working hard with MUFON and our own personal UFO researcher resources to determine what this is before making claims of alien or secret military origin. I even have Joerg Arnu, famous Area 51 researcher fielding some questions for me over this topic.

In closing, please keep in mind that two unmarked white vans paid a visit to the home of the Family the day after their initial sighting. And my requests to the FAA and Naval Air Station Lemoore CA have been met with dead silence thus far in my attempts to corroborate flight data and possible crash information. So stay tuned to further word on the analysis performed by Ruben Uriarte (MUFON) and his avionics expert and Sanger Paranormal Society.
"Are you ready for the truth?" - www.ufohighway.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Clovis UFO and TR-3B (Triangle) Crash CONNECTION

Written by Anthony F. Sanchez
UFO Author/Researcher


Monday, August 23, 2010

As if things could not get any stranger with this story, two major events led up to the Triangle Crash sighting. On June 3 2010 MUFON State Section Director Jeff Gonzalez and another unidentified person videotaped an unmarked military jet presumably from nearby ANGB/Fresno depositing 
CHEM TRAILS over the greater Central Valley area. The jet made four massive loops depositing trails that overlapped one another.

Within 4 weeks of this event on Friday July 2nd, a family in nearby Clovis CA was terrified after capturing a 
TRIANGLE CRAFT on video tape hovering over their house. They reported this event to Jeff Gonzalez who conducted an full investigation for reporting to MUFON. Now Jeff speaks on behalf of the family who captured the video. They do not want to be identified. 

The next day when Jeff Gonzalez visited the home of the family who sighted the Triangle Craft, he photographed two 
White Unmarked Vans parked directly across the street from the family's home for a prolonged period of time. It is not known if the family was approached by anyone. If they were, they are not speaking about it.

What these events do, is bring to attention that something strange is happening out of (or near) the ANGB/Fresno facility. And this now represents TWO distinct Triangle sightings/events within a 90 day period; and an unusual high level of 
UFO activity. It seems that the military or some military proxy is also involved conducting their own investigation.

Here are the PICTURES of all the events: 
Chem Trails
Clovis Unmarked Vans
Triangle Craft

This is all captured on YouTube
Clovis UFO

Reported TR-3B (Triangle) Crash Sighting, Witnessed by Family

Written by Anthony F. Sanchez
UFO Author/Researcher


Monday, August 23, 2010

A Central Valley California Family driving home late Saturday Evening (August 21st, 2010) called the 24 hour hotline of Jeffrey Gonzalez (MUFON State Section Director) to report seeing a 
“Triangle Shaped Craft” make a hard landing onto the side of a nearby mountain just north of Fresno CA.

While talking to a male witness by phone, the investigator reported over hearing two female witnesses speak in the background describing the lights of the craft. He over heard them saying, 
“It’s trying to take off, it’s trying to lift!” 

He also stated, “When I arrived to the area where the family was, I looked up on the mountain and there were three distinct glowing white lights coming from the area where the family reported seeing the craft; these could be seen on the side of the mountain. What puzzled me was that there are no homes or buildings on the side of that mountain. There is only a small shack used by military utility teams from the nearby base, which is visible during the day.” 

The investigator also stated that upon his arrival he immediately began to videotape the event, at the time of this writing it is not known if still photos were taken. 

He reported that 15-20 minutes after his arrival 
multiple unknown vehicles began to congregate on the mountain surrounding the crash site. And within minutes of their arrival he began to see through his camera viewfinder what was definitely a bright bluish-white light quite reminiscent of the output of an arc welder. His immediate thoughts were that the craft was being repaired to resume flight, or disassembled for removal from the area.

The UFO Investigator decided to stay the evening recording all the events. The next morning at 6:00 AM he could see two long scorch marks on the side of the mountain leading up to the shack. And in front of the small shack was a large craft reminiscent of a stingray. 

He commented, “At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But it’s exactly as how I describe it; 
it looked like a stingray shaped air craft.”

Jeffrey Gonzalez reported that the area on the Mountain is private and inaccessible to the public. He and a fellow UFO investigator made several attempts later that morning to get to the site but could not find an access point from any public areas. When they returned to the public vantage point to record the area once again, the craft was gone.

Currently Jeffrey Gonzalez says they are processing the video of the event to make it available for everyone to see at their website.

It should be noted that this event occurred in proximity near the 
ANGB/Fresno “Deep Underground Military Base” located at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, formerly Fresno Air Field. The facility is run by The 144th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard Base (ANGB), of Fresno California. Interestingly, the 144th Fighter Wing is under the direct oversight of the North American Aerospace Defense Command “NORAD”, which itself is located 2,000 feet deep inside of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

This event comes as a complete surprise as it coincides with Mr. Gonzalez and me (Anthony Sanchez) jointly participating in an Investigative Report on Underground Bases in CA. We’ll be together on location within the week to perform additional research in to the crash and any relation to ANGB/Fresno “Deep Underground Military Base”.

If you have any information to report on this incident, call 

Sanger Paranormal Society

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Too Much Religion Creeping Into Ufology?

Article by Anthony F. Sanchez (Author, Researcher)
Sunday, August 01, 2010
This article is taken from a response I made to a recent email sent in from a very nice person making an observation on how Norio Hayakawa may be allowing his personal religious take to obscure his UFO and/or Conspiracy research. I felt that this was an “excellent observation” and a good question to ponder, as posed by the sender. Here are his words, exactly:
“Saw your article on Norio at the UFO Chronicles blog. I greatly respect Norio too. But don’t you think that a bit too much religion is creeping into his work these days? I offer this opinion without having first investigated your own work, so perhaps this might offend you.” – ************ (from email)
(I am keeping this person anonymous to preserve the ‘integrity’ of our email relationship. I am sure that he does not mind me sharing this as he is 100% anonymous. – Anthony F. Sanchez – 5:13 PM 8/1/2010)
And here is my response to him:
Hi ************,
Thanks for emailing me!
I try not to focus on any researcher’s angle pertaining to religion. I say this because lots of projects from the military are specifically created to exploit people’s beliefs, i.e. (Christian, Hindi, Islam, New Age, etc.)
Where am I going with this? Take a look at Project Blue Beam and how the facts point to exploitation of super advanced atmospheric altering technology combined with satellite technology to project live motion images in the sky. First, images of what… the answer is whatever they think would most impact ones belief and therefore their behavior. The two most immediate things that come to mind are Religion and Fear. God scares a lot of people by virtue of Gods importance in their lives and how it can affect them in their after life. So… people will listen to and follow Gods command, right? The second is Fear. What most people in our time fear is simply put, “that which we do not understand…” Aliens scare the heck out of people, and due to its universal theme, we must assume that this would be the obvious choice to commandeer a large group or groups of people into doing what the powers that be want; for instance, war, terror, etc.
When I review other researcher’s work I simply look at their data pertaining to what I’m interested in and focus on that. I ignore their personal beliefs to some extent, because behind what may be culturally influencing them, they may still be a damned good UFO or Conspiracy researcher. I know Mormons (yes, Mormons) who are great UFO researchers and Paranormal investigators. You would think that the strong cultural-religious upbringing would not allow that, right? Well it does. Some people may still practice their religion but at the same time seek answers to questions that their religion cannot answer.
I listened to some of Norio’s early works where he does in fact mention (near the end of his speech) that ones personal salvation is between them and God and can come from that, etc. But again I focused on his works pertaining to secret underground bases, tunnels, the shadow government, etc. I don’t judge anyone on what they believe.
So ************, that is an excellent observation! But remember; just try to see beyond the cultural-religious character of who you know are good researchers, in order to gain the awesome knowledge they might be able to provide.
I really respect Norio for the things he’s mentioned over the years. And as you already know from reading my article, he is a very humble individual, and both very astute and methodical in his research. I like that…
(That was the end of my response.)
So in conclusion, since many of you have questions about my own take on these things, especially with the new book “UFO Highway” now forthcoming, I felt that this was a great way to share some of my own beliefs and perspectives on UFO research, other researchers (who I admire), and my own take on religion within ufology.
The book will contain an AWESOME section on the connection between HAARP and Project Blue Beam where lots of this answer from me comes into play. I will show you how I found hidden coded messages and (mistakes) made by people within the AFRL (Air Force Research Lab) who oversee HAARP’s operations; whereby, they tell you … ‘the reader’ … exactly (what) is planned and (who) is doing the planning.
Thanks everyone and stay tuned…

Prominent Astronomer and Minor Planet Specialist’ predicts massive UFO or Alien Engagement by 2012

Written By Anthony F. Sanchez
UFO Author/Researcher

Thursday, August 12, 2010

UFO Researcher 
Adolfo Gandin Ocampo (Buenos Aries, Argentina) investigating the July 2010 Xiaoshan Airport UFO Incident for UNIFA (Union researchers of anomalous phenomena - English Translation) spoke by phone with Wang Sichao, a world wide figure and respected Chinese astronomer and minor planet specialist who currently works as a Scientific Researcher and Advisor at Nanjing’s Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory.
During their discussion, Wang makes the startling prediction for the arrival of Aliens or a fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), or both… over the next two years, 2011 or 2012. Wang stated, “The existence of 2.5 billion planets makes it highly possible that there is life and civilization with advanced technologies seeking other’s natural resources, like our own.”
Wang states that the statement from astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in April that the arrival of Aliens could adversely affect humanity is indeed a reality facing Earth, and it needs professional analysis conducted now rather than later.
Wang’s prediction comes as reports of strange sightings of unidentified objects in the sky are being reported over various regions of China such as Zhejiang, Hunan, Chongqing and Xinjiang beginning earlier this year.
Wang urges scientists to design and create more technologically advanced telescopes for observing objects that could appear suddenly, without warning; specifically those that can calibrate and begin monitoring and transmitting data back to Earth scientist within in a matter of seconds.
China, being shocked by the appearance of a mysterious UFO on Wednesday July 7th 2010, has its scientist and military analysts on high alert. During the July 7th 2010 event, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang province) was closed down for six hours. Aviation authorities responded within minutes, grounding outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to airports in Ningbo and Wuxi.
In contrast to the alien theory, Dr. Geoffrey E. Forden, a physicist by training and currently a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Security Studies Program, says he is not sure what it is but presumably and most likely it is one of China’s ballistic missiles.
Earlier this year on Sunday April 18th sightings of mysterious bright objects visible over the Chengdu skies were heavily reported. The photographed and videotaped UFO hovered in the sky for several minutes, moving much slower than traditional aircraft, before disappearing.
The Chengdu District is known to house China’s very own Area 51 and itslargest Deep Underground Military Facility. Interestingly, reports have circulated for years that a crashed UFO was retrieved by the Chinese military from the area in 1947 just days after the Roswell New Mexico incident.